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Gano Cafe Classic egy azonnal oldódó feketekávé, melyet csúcsminőségű brazil kávéból kevernek és Ganoderma Lucidumot, mint többletértéket adnak hozzá. Törzsvásárlói ára: 3510 Ft

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Welcome to a New Generation of All Natural.

Bejelentkezési lapWelcome to a New Generation of All Natural, Nutritional Beverages which provide you Weight Loss Benefits with Valentus!
Valentus means to Prevail in Latin. Here at SlimLiving with Valentus we are very passionate to help you reach your goals, whether it’s enjoying the weight loss benefits or general health plans. With 100% “All Natural” “Core Nutrition” four easy to Consume Beverages “Just Add Water”. Two of our weight-loss drinks, Prevail SlimRoast and Prevail Trim provide you with a great weight management program. All our products are formulated from the best all natural ingredients coming from some of the most pristine locations around the globe.
“We are People Helping People Help Themselves”

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I have wonderful products. Better quality of life guaranteed! http://www.ValentusRotator.com/laszloracz

Valentus is a direct-to-consumer organization that designs, manufactures and markets exclusive products. Valentus does not believe in get rich quick programs. They believe in hard work, dedication, adding value and serving others. As stipulated by law, Valentus cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with their ideas, information, tools, compensation systems or strategies. Your results in business are up to you and solely determined by your efforts, resources, connections, dedication and application. Nothing in this document or any of the websites is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings, and Valentus does not offer any legal, medical, tax or other professional advice. * Results may vary.

Health and Vitality.

Healthy Never Tasted SO GOOD!|

With Valentus Prevail Products, people all over the world are experiencing a new kind of health and vitality.

Formulated with purest natural ingredients from some of the most pristine locations on the planet, we pride ourselves not only on creating product that get results, but on creating products that are good for your body.

From our flagship product that many are calling the best health product EVER, to our super-antioxidant Immune product, Prevail Energy™  &  Prevail Trim™ and NOW the introduction of PrevailMAX™ and Breakthrough Am/Pm™.  The Prevail line of products by Valentus are second to none!

And as if the health benefits weren’t enough, just wait until you taste these amazing drinks. They are delicious!


Prevail SlimROAST™

Formulated with natural appetite suppressants, feel good ingredients and detox components SlimROAST Italian is a great addition to your weight management program.

Not only will you find managing your weight with SlimROAST will produce exciting results, but you will love the taste of this delicious Italian dark roast coffee.

Controls appetite
Regulates sugar absorption
Regulates fat absorption
Promotes brain health and focus
Elevates mood

Breakthrough Am/Pm™

The AM Prevail BREAKTHROUGH formula contains ProDura® Bacillus coagulans, a spore-forming probiotic bacterium that is superior to non- spore probiotics. It will help lower cholesterol and lactose intolerance while raising HDL levels and lipid status.

The PM Prevail BREAKTHROUGH is a wholefood, powerful nutrient drink designed to detoxify. It has traditionally been used in herbal medicine as a diuretic and laxative to help treat digestive disturbances. This formula may help the body combat an overgrown Candida yeast infection, increase nutrient absorption and increase overall metabolism.

A quarterly regimen (every 90 days) is designed for ease of use, and only 12 days are needed to provide the optimal environment for digestion and detoxification. Start drinking! Your body will thank you.

Prevail Energy™

Organic cane sugar, Inulin dietary fiber, Citric acid, Potassium citrate, Natural cherry powder, Natural blueberry powder, Stevia (leaf), Natural flavor, Natural caffeine from coffee bean, Guarana seed powder, Maqui berry powder, Green tea powder, Gotu kola powder, Maca (root) powder, Rhodiola Rosea powder, Siberian ginseng powder, Natural color.

Directions:  For a healthy energy boost, tear packet and mix contents with 12-16 oz. of water. For maximum energy, mix two packets with 12-16 oz. of water.

ENERGY Boost Ingredients Benefits

A healthy way to get an energy boost in a healthy way.   Energy is great for athletes, drivers, students and afternoon slumps.

Prevail Trim™

Inulin dietary fiber, Rice bran powder, Xylitol, Citric acid, Stevia (leaf), Natural pineapple powder, Natural orange powder, Natural lime powder, Natural caffeine from coffee bean, Garcinia cambogia (with HCA), Raspberry ketones, Maqui berry powder, Annatto powder, chromium


Simply open packet and mix contents with 12-16oz. of water. For maximum weight management results, drink one Trim 3 times per day.


Inulin dietary fiber, Organic cane sugar, Citric acid, Natural grape powder, Stevia (leaf), Potassium citrate, Aloe vera powder, Pomegranate powder, Grape skin powder, Panax Ginseng powder, Ganoderma Lucidum powder, Beta glucan powder, Mangosteen powder, Noni fruit powder, Goji berry powder, Natual flavor.


Simply open packet and mix contents with 12-16oz. of water. May be used every day to support a healthy immune system, or when feeling of colds of sickness are coming on.


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Landing Pages to Preenroll People

When your prospects fill out the form on these pages, they will be given a preenrollee position in your binary so that they can experience the power of the system.



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