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fakanal 01 caffé

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Gano excel Gano café classic

Cikkszám: 84
Kiszerelés: 30 db

Gano Cafe Classic egy azonnal oldódó feketekávé, melyet csúcsminőségű brazil kávéból kevernek és Ganoderma Lucidumot, mint többletértéket adnak hozzá. Törzsvásárlói ára: 3510 Ft

Aloe Vera .

Aloe Vera.Aloe_Vera1

A plant widely renowned as a miracle plant due to its high volume of Vitamins A, C, E, Folic Acid, B1, B2, B6, B12, High in Amino and Fatty Acids. Aloe Vera was used by ancient Egyptians for sun burn, 2nd degree burns and even as an oral laxative. Depicted in many stone drawings as the “plant of immortality” and used nowadays to treat a wide variety of ailments. Another source of Adaptogen, known to increase the body’s reaction to oxidative stress and to decrease the damage a cell endures with high stress levels. Used even today to aid in digestive health, Aloe Vera is used as an ingredient in many natural laxatives and digestion balancing supplements and is known for its detoxing qualities. Known to help alkalize the body even if applied to the skin, Aloe Vera can be used as a powerful chemical to help stabilize the bodies acids. Polysaccharides are a main source of dietary fiber which helps the body to metabolize quicker and increase energy reserves. Its reduction in inflammatory treatments is widely renowned and used in almost every country for its near miraculous properties.



A powerful antioxidant known to combat free radicals in the body brought on by air pollution, bad diet and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Used as a natural mood enhancer because of both its taste (delicious) and its ability to cause your brain to produce mass amounts of endorphins which give you the feeling of “happy” or “content”. Seen as a super food.

Grape Skin Extract.

Grape Skin Extract.Grape skin 1

Heralded for its ability to increase bone strength and health this extract is used by many for its cognitive regeneration properties and ability to increase brain function.

One Vision. One Mission 

Panax Ginseng.

Panax Ginsengginseng-root-extract1

Most young people these days are beginning to look older and older, in some cases even hitting puberty far earlier than was the norm a generation ago, Panax Ginseng is known to combat the free radicals that give the skin that look of premature aging. Works very well with Goji berry.


One Vision. One Mission