Kiszerelés: 30 db

Gano Cafe Classic egy azonnal oldódó feketekávé, melyet csúcsminőségű brazil kávéból kevernek és Ganoderma Lucidumot, mint többletértéket adnak hozzá. Törzsvásárlói ára: 3510 Ft

Szponzor neve: Rácz László

Szponzor kódja: HU 5472004

*: fakanal1@gmail.com

): +36 20 6157973


itt megteheted https://bolt.biopiac.info/

3 thoughts on “fakanal01GANO CAFFEE CLASSIK

  1. fakanal01 Post author

    This website does not provide medical advice.

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  2. fakanal01 Post author

    Instructions: Add one pack to 8 ounces of hot water and stir thoroughly.

    Do not use boiling water to prepare this product. If the water is heated to boiling for preparation, allow it to cool off for 5 minutes before adding it to the cocoa. If the water is heated to boiling in the microwave, allow it to cool for 5 minutes before adding it to the product.

    Explanation: One of the active ingredients in this product is capsicum annuum (chili pepper) extract. When it is heated to near boiling, the ingredient is agitated and it’s active component is dispersed throughout the water. This active component (capsaicin) is what causes the spicy taste of peppers.

    Do not microwave this product after it has been added to water.



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