PREVAIL Keto Creamer Imagine.

Dave Jordan your CEO here and I want to share the excitement Im feeling. Most of you heard about this product in late January and many of you are just receiving your package. As a company we are excited. This Keto Creamer will give our members another proven path to weight control.

PREVAIL Keto Creamer Imagine a product that works so well that you can see results the same day. What if what your seeing was the first step in getting rid of those extra pounds? The new Valentus KETO CREAMER does exactly that. It puts your body into Ketosis, which you can see for yourself via special Ketosis strips. This is the first step in losing weight.

How does all this incredible magic happen?

First the good news, Its a 100% natural process. When the body breaks down excess fatty acids, ketones are produced in a process called ketogenesis. Then these Ketone bodies are used by the brain and heart for energy. During starvation, the brain relies on ketones for 75% of its energy.

But the really good news is that you dont have to starve. BUT you do have to stay away from sugar. Why? Ketone bodies are only produced when sugars are not available. That is why It is important to stay away from eating sugar when taking advantage of the ketone diet.

When the body is starved from sugars, energy must be produced from fat. The mitochondria in your liver cells use Acetyl-coenzyme A to create ketones from body fat. Normally, fat is not soluble in water. Turning fat into ketones allows fat to become water soluble, traveling in the bloodstream to nourish your brain and heart. When ketones are in the bloodstream the body is under ketosis.

Ketosis converts the fat from your chubby areas and moves it into your bloodstream as bioavailable energy.

The end result PREVAIL Keto Creamer helps you turn fat into energy!

This is a very short summary of our Keto Creamer. More product and marketing material will be available shortly. We are excited to give our members another exciting weight loss product.

Hope to see you at one of our upcoming Regionals, Oklahoma City Feb 24, Red DeerMarch 3, Winnipeg in April. John Haremza and I were just in Surrey BC for an incredibly successful event and Im looking forward to seeing you at one of these events. Im also very excited about our upcoming conference in Vancouver this coming September. Be sure to register early while registration is $99.

Thank You Dave Jordan CEO Valentus Inc.

See You Sept 13-15th in Vancouver! Early Bird Registration $99 until March 15thORDER NOW!

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Our new Prevail Keto Creamer.

The body gets Energy from:

Keto creamer face

Welcome fakanal01 caffee

Our new Prevail Keto Creamer puts the good fatty acids into the body for the body to use as energy. So that we are not dipping into high carbohydrate meals in which the body has excess glucose and high blood sugar.

EATING LESS and yet providing the body with the healthier energy alternative is a REAL PLUS to helping us achieve weight loss/inch loss and higher energy.

Our new Prevail Keto Creamer biggest PLUSES!

1. It will suppress your appetite. Because the body will have existing ketones to use for energy. VS. Eating a big carbohydrate meal because you are feeling hungry

2. It will make you feel FULL. Body is satisfied and not craving.

3. It will Stop your food cravings so you won’t EAT as much

4. It will Help with Blood Glucose levels because you will have Fatty acids available for the body to use as energy vs. being fed carbohydrates that turn into sugar in order to produce energy.

5. It will increase insulin sensitivity. The less your pancreas and liver have to communicate to produce energy the more sensitive and better working your blood sugar levels will be.

6. Improve blood sugar levels as you will be satisfied with healthy fats!

7. Improve HDL/LDL levels your cholesterol levels.

8. Improve serotonin, mood and provides the brain with healthy brain energy sources.

9. It will ENHANCE every single Drink product we have including the Energy drink and Trim. I use the creamer as an add in into The coffee’s, the Cocoa, both the Trim and energy drinks. IMO this creamer actually enhances the taste of the Brazilian and the appetite suppressant factors in the Brazilian and Italian coffees. So now I drink both the Brazilian and the Italian coffees! The Creamer makes other Valentus drinks BETTER! From both a taste and HEALTH perspective.

Technically speaking the Creamer will put “ketones” in your body produced as a result of the fatty acids in the creamer. However, your body is not necessarily “fat adapted” or burning existing fat.

What this Creamer will do for you is to encourage you as you will feel full, you will not have cravings and you will provide your body with the energy it needs without having to continually increase blood sugar by eating high carbohydrate meals.

The Result will be Weight loss/inch loss due to eating less. Plus, now your body is ready for you to begin a literal Ketogenic diet with proper foods to help your body to become Fat Adapted and to burn existing fat.

You have a much better chance at achieving Ketosis when you are eating less and putting the healthier energy source into the body instead of carbohydrates!

Rick Jerrells
Blue Diamond
PS This is me writing the advantages after research and personal knowledge from 35+ years experience nutrition supplements and body building. Our Prevail Keto Creamer is a HUGE WINNER for ALL!

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Keto Creamer.

New produkt Keto Creamer.

Welcome fakanal01 caffee

Keto Creamer kép.png

Our new Prevail Keto Creamer puts the good fatty acids into the body for the body to use as energy. So that we are not dipping into high carbohydrate meals in which the body has excess glucose and high blood sugar.

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Aloe Vera .

Aloe Vera.Aloe_Vera1

A plant widely renowned as a miracle plant due to its high volume of Vitamins A, C, E, Folic Acid, B1, B2, B6, B12, High in Amino and Fatty Acids. Aloe Vera was used by ancient Egyptians for sun burn, 2nd degree burns and even as an oral laxative. Depicted in many stone drawings as the “plant of immortality” and used nowadays to treat a wide variety of ailments. Another source of Adaptogen, known to increase the body’s reaction to oxidative stress and to decrease the damage a cell endures with high stress levels. Used even today to aid in digestive health, Aloe Vera is used as an ingredient in many natural laxatives and digestion balancing supplements and is known for its detoxing qualities. Known to help alkalize the body even if applied to the skin, Aloe Vera can be used as a powerful chemical to help stabilize the bodies acids. Polysaccharides are a main source of dietary fiber which helps the body to metabolize quicker and increase energy reserves. Its reduction in inflammatory treatments is widely renowned and used in almost every country for its near miraculous properties.

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A powerful antioxidant known to combat free radicals in the body brought on by air pollution, bad diet and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Used as a natural mood enhancer because of both its taste (delicious) and its ability to cause your brain to produce mass amounts of endorphins which give you the feeling of “happy” or “content”. Seen as a super food.

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Grape Skin Extract.

Grape Skin Extract.Grape skin 1

Heralded for its ability to increase bone strength and health this extract is used by many for its cognitive regeneration properties and ability to increase brain function.

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